Welcome to The Party App the brand-new app that allows people to easily find their perfect party!


If you are out and want to know which party is near you now then you can select your preferences and the right party will show up. There is a LIVE FEED meaning the clubs can update what’s happening inside the clubs in real time this includes how many people are in the club. So, you don’t have to worry about turning up to an empty club at the same time you don’t want to waste your time if its full. Also, amazing offers as communicated via the live feed so it makes visiting that club even better


If there is an entrance cost then you can easily pay for it before you have even got there. You can also see all the main events that are on in your area and book tickets to go to them.


For the club own that have a VIP package then they can manage the availability of the VIP section and sell tables direct

Happy Partying

The Party App Team