Just download the party app and


01 / finding

The ultimate party and event finder app

Party app is specially crafted to find the parties and events easily in your area and navigate you through various venues and events with ease.

You can also use map view in party app to find locations easily for parties & events.

02 / Before Booking

See live feeds of clubs & events near you before going to club

Before you go to club you can see live feeds and number of people in club that is updated real time and decide the clubs to go for

03 / Booking

Book clubs & events easily from the app

Booking the clubs and venue that you love is more easier with our app.

Just one select the person and you are done with booking also you will get prior notification of your time to reach to venue

/ Are you a club owner?

Private Access for club owners

Use the LIVE FEED to update what’s going on in your venue. Also update in real time how many people are in your club

If you are a VIP member then you can update the numbers of places available and sell tables